continued from the introduction…

Sam had stripped down to only her panties and snuck into the adjoining unused bedroom that also had access to her daughters bathroom. She still smelled of salt and sweat from the morning run with her daughter Amber and she was already turned on by the odor left behind on her own body. She loved the scent of her body whether it be from a run or just living out a normal day.

Sam worked part time as an assistant for a local law office and maintained a small desk in a corner in a low traffic part of the office. Throughout the day she would push her hand down her dress pants, swabbing up the smell from her pussy and then bring her fingers to her nose so she could smell her scent. Some days that wasn’t enough and she would go to the restroom and into a stall, quickly taking off her skirt or pants and her panties. She would reach her hand from the front under and past her pussy all the way to between her ass cheeks and rub herself hard against her asshole, covering her hand with the smell of her taint, and finally the folds where her crotch met her legs. She would rub this back and forth path enough times to coat her entire hand. She inhaled herself from the smell on her hand. The slight stink from her asshole, the ripe sweat from her taint, and the piss from her panties all came together in an aroma that turned her on fast. When she went back to her desk she would smell her hand through the day, keeping her horny.

At home when she did her daughters laundry she would separate their panties and breathe them in, most of the time putting them in her mouth and sucking the fabric to get the taste she had come to crave.

Back in the room, Sam pulled her panties down to her knees and started to finger fuck herself aggressively. She ran her two middle fingers in and out of her pussy. She was staring straight at her youngest daughter Amy’s tight nubile body with perfect skin. The clear shower curtain let her see right in as Amy cleaned herself. Sam imagined her daughter catching her and then ordering her to keep fingering herself and then Amy joining her for a passionate affair.

Every few strokes Sam would pull her wet dripping fingers up to her face and rub her nose and mouth with her pussy juice. The smell and taste only turned her on more. She knew Amy was about to finish showering so she tried to climax as fast as she could. She slobbered four fingers of her right hand with spit and shoved all of them into her pussy, which instantly opened up to received them. Faster and faster in and out; she was ready to cum so hard she knew she would scream. She pulled her left breast up to her mouth and started sucking her hard nipple to keep herself from screaming. Finally, she cummed all over her hand catching the juices in her palm and slapping the pond of cum on her own face and into her mouth. Her legs were dripping with pussy juice and after she stopped shivering from the massive orgasam, she collapsed onto the floor.

Sam didn’t know it but her moans alone we loud enough from Amy to hear. She knew her mom was rubbing one out and thought to herself that between the though of that and her sister slapping her young pussy, that she would masturbate that night with some newfound toys from her moms room she had sneaked away.

Everyone went about their normal Friday, the girls at school and Sam at work. Amy, having been the only girl in the house to not have masturbated that day was the horniest. She couldn’t wait to get home and start an extended session by herself. Although Amy was only 15 she had already had sex a few times that year with a neighborhood boy who quickly lost interest in her. Amy didn’t mind, she at least knew she wasn’t a virgin like some of the other girls in her classes.

After a family dinner everyone was tired from the week and went off to bed, kissing each other goodnight. Amy had one thing on her mind; the black dildo she had snuck out of her moms room. Her mom Sam kept a rather large collection of sex toys, so one of the many dildos she had wouldn’t go noticed if it went missing.

Amy stripped off her clothes and laid her naked nubile body under the cold bed sheets, her nipples already hard. She dimmed her table lamp to it’s lowest setting as she liked to see her body when she masturbated. She pulled the black 6” rubber cock from her nightstand drawer and admired it before slowly starting to lick the tip of it with her tongue.

She closed her eyes and began to imagine it being a real cock. She held it with both hands on the shaft sucking the tip and letting her spit run all over it, dripping little strings onto her chin. She could feel her pussy getting wet. She moved to hold the rubber dick with her right hand and lowered her left hand off it’s shaft and down to her pussy; caressing her rock hard nipples on the way down. She wanted to make sure her cunt was ready for the girth of the dildo.

As her fingers arrived to her pussy lips she knew it was ready. Just the slight touching of her clit released a stream of juice down her pussy folds and onto the sheets. It was thick and creamy and her puss was primed for that big black rubber cock. Amy lowered the dildo down to the entrance of her pussy and rubbed the head of the dick against her clit. She imagined having a man above her getting ready to ravage her pussy and the thought sent her into ecstasy. With both hands she shoved half of the cock into her pussy and started to move it in and out. She wanted this session to be a long one, but she was so horny that it wouldn’t last long at all. Every dozen or so strokes she would let more and more of the cock slide into her creaming wet young pussy. She hadn’t shaved herself yet and all the hairs around her cunt were sticky and covered with her juices.

Now all 6” of the dildo were being thrust in and out of her tight pussy. She worked it harder and harder, changing speed, feeling her full body curve and flex with pleasure. She pulled the dick out of her cunt and brought it to her mouth where she sucked off all her own creamy juices and rammed it back in her again.

In the hallway Sam was at the door listening to the heavy moans of her daughter. Amy was so engulfed in pleasure she forgot to keep her voice down. Sam heard it all the way from her room and went down the darkened hallway where, once she confirmed it was coming from Amy’s room, she opened the door quietly.

Sam saw her daughter splayed out on her bed under the dim light ramming a cock in and out of her pussy. Having seen Amy early that day in the shower, she no longer had to imagine Amy sexually pleasing herself. She got to watch first hand and it was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

Sam started rubbing her wet pussy underneath her sleeping silk boy shorts which were already sticky to her from the initial wetness that started to flow when she heard her daughter masturbating.

All Sam wanted to do was go in that room and take her daughter. She wanted to ram that dildo in her daughter, then in herself, suck her tits, finger her pussy, and spray cum all over her young face. ‘I’m going to do it’ thought Sam. She couldn’t control herself.

Just then she felt a warm body press against her back and a hand reach around her waist, down her shorts and atop her own hand as it was rubbing her pussy.

“So you think she is fucking hot too” whispered Amber to her mom.

“Holy shit honey you almost made me yell” Sam quietly said as her daughter took control of her hand and started to guide both their fingers into Sam’s own pussy.

Sam let out a soft moan and reached her left hand behind her grasping at her daughters cunt, trying to find the lips of her pussy.

“Honey I do think your younger sister is hot, and I think you are too. You both turn me on more than you know. I just never wanted to make a move and risk losing your trust in me.”

Amber kept her fingers over her moms, pushing them deeper into her pussy. “Well mom, I think you are a gorgeous and when I went out into the hallway just now, I was also coming over to sneak a peek at Amy”

Sam found her daughters cunt and pushed a finger right into it, making Amber let out a deep moan.

“Let mommy fuck you baby, please let me get a taste of your pussy. I want you so bad”

Amber could only nod back, as her mom put another finger inside her. Sam turned around, grabbed her daughters hand out from her shorts and brought it up to her own face. She inhaled the scent and sucked each of her daughters fingers; tasting her own juices on each one. She pulled her own hand out from her daughters pussy and guided it up by the wrist to her mouth and sucked those fingers as well; mixing both their juices in her mouth. She grabbed Amber’s face with both hands and passionately kissed her; running her tongue deep into her mouth. Amber jutted her tongue back into her moms mouth tasting both her own and her moms pussy juice. Sam bit Amber’s lower lip softly as they ended the kiss, spit dripping from their mouths in thin strings down to their breasts; now pressed against each others.

Sam grabbed her daughter by the hand and turned to her bedroom. She was about to get what she had fantasized about; one of her own daughters in bed with her.

to be continued…